The Nook

The Nook / Sunbury Bi-centennial Park / Sunbury Public Recreation Reserve

Sunbury’s ‘The Nook’ or Jacksons Creek water hole is a beautiful parkland located within a two minute drive from the town centre with the towns local Swimming Hole. Within walking distance of the Town centre and with longer walking tracks that join up through many of the parks in Sunbury,  containing Picnic area’s and the unique feature of the Sunbury Dairy, Mcmahon’s Dairy (where you can still go and buy plain or flavoured milk direct), it is a great place to take your lunch break or for somewhere different to go to eat.

The Swimming Hole itself is a lovely spot on a hot summer’s day.  There is a tree with a rope which although not recommended by the local council, it is not unusual to see people swinging from the rope off the big tree, or even on occasion someone launching from the lower branches off the old gum. It is surrounded by trees providing shade to relax and sit, enabling you to relax and enjoy the environment.

In the early 20th century The Nook was home to the Sunbury Swimming Carnival and had Showers, Changing rooms and a diving board. Sadly, the Nook is now lacking in facilities, with the only Public toilets being located under the bridge at the Apex park, which is a good walk along the creek, away from the first car park.  The other option is to jump in the car and go to the public toilets located on O’shannassy street.  However it is still one of the top free freshwater swimming holes in or around town.

The Nook is a Dog Friendly, Off Leash area. It has several great places for your furry friend to run and chase their ball, and some great shallow and deep entry points to the swimming hole. There is a shallower bay like area for the more timid pup who just likes to paddle, and there are plenty of ways to get around without getting wet if swimming is not your dog’s style.

The Nook features many different Wildlife including Kangaroo’s, many species of land and water Birds and even Platypus. If you are interested in Bird watching this is certainly a fantastic place for it, with easily accessible hills to give you a wide view over the whole area. You are almost guaranteed to see a Cockatoo or two and some Rosella’s, you may also spot some of the rarer parakeets  If you are after water animals, you may spot a Platypus or a Growling Grass Frog and fish such as Galaxia, Eels and Graylings.

The river that runs through The Nook is actually part of the long running watercourse of Jackson Creek, which  makes up part of the Port Phillip Catchment. Jackson Creek stars north west of Gisborne, Victoria, a creation of the joining of the three Creeks, Gisborne, Distill and Slaty.  It is the same water source several parks nearby, including Emu Bottom and the Organ Pipes National park. the creek eventually becomes part of Maribyrnong Rive, then the Yarra River, which then feeds into Port Phillip Bay.

It is a wonderful place to see if you have never been, and is a place that is worth going back to time and again. There are not many places as beautiful as this in a town the size of Sunbury. It is somewhere your whole family will love.