Rupertswood Lake and Gardens

Rupertswood Lake in Sunbury is within the grounds of the Rupertswood Mansion. A short drive past the gatehouse you will come upon a picturesque lake which is home to Ducks, Geese, and migratory White Ibis’.

The lake (and surrounding gardens of the mansion) were designed by one of the leading landscape gardeners of the time, William Sangster. Sangster (1831-1910) was also responsible for the Victoria Gardens in Prahran and Rippon Lea in Eastern Melbourne. Containing a wide array of flowers and native plants, the lake even included an island originally in the shape of Australia.

The gardens themselves are beautiful to walk around, and encompass the historical Rupertswood Mansion, designed (by George Brown) and built (by George Sumner & Co) between 1874 & 1876, and the gardens have been kept in pristine condition since. While exploring the gardens you will come across Hoop & Bunya Bunya Pines, Conifers, and a rare breed of tree for Australia, the Weeping Yew, or Afrocarpus falcatus. There are also many varieties of flowers, including wisteria & camellias.

There are also many historical features such as the old train platform, Bluestone school and mansion, and dairy farm.

The Rupertswood Gardens and lake are a stunning way to spend an afternoon walking and sitting peacefully by the lake.