Emu Bottom Wetlands

Emu Bottoms Wetland is a 32 Hectare Wetland area located in Sunbury, Victoria. It is the largest Dog friendly Parks in Sunbury. It is Horse friendly as well, providing you are riding your own horse, and it is a popular reserve for kite flying and model aircraft flying.

What was originally settled as a sheep farming area by George Evans, Emu bottom Wetlands have long since been reinvigorated as a naturally beautiful area. Since 1994 The “Friends of Emu Bottom Wetland Reserve” have been working with the Hume Council to get the reserve back to a natural beacon for Wetland animals such as Platypus, Wetland Birds and Cockatoo’s, Parakeets and the like.

Photo Reference: http://www.jcen.org.au/member-groups/friends-of-emu-bottom-wetlands-reserve

Emu Bottom has a great swimming area for pets. There are some very steep areas that it would never be recommended to try and enter from, but there are also some very easily accessible areas. There are shallower wading areas for dogs if once you go through the main gates you head right, you will come to a very shallow bank area (so much so that in Summer it occasionally dries out).   however if you head to the left you will eventually come to  a beautiful big body of water known as the Platypus Ponds. this is a great area to sit and meditate and wait for your chance to spot one.

Whether exploring on Horseback or foot, Emu Bottom Wetlands is a beautiful place of nature to enjoy.